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Magical Thinking Revised

John-Erik Omland NLP Master Practitioner

John-Erik Omland

We are not Thinking Machines...                     
                      ...We are Feeling Beings that Think

John-Erik Omland, a former San Francisco Bay area NeuroLinguistic programming Master Practitioner, currently practices in Mt Shasta, with occasional sessions available in San Francisco Bay Area/Marin/Oakland, California. He brings to his NLP practice an Electrical Engineering and software background, 25 years of Tai Chi and therapeutic massage, and a Shamanic practice.

John-Erik offers a warm, intuitive and empathetic presence, and an appreciation for the richness of belief systems and their influence on the structure of human experience. His human development studies include classical personality theories, modern brain research and early childhood development. He is a professional bodywork and accomplished teacher of Tai Chi.

He is cofounder of the North Bay NLP-Intern-Action-Center, created and runs a NLP Practitioners Directory website (which features an interactive eye accessing cues game). He was certified as an NLP Master Practitioner by NLP California in 1996 and NLP Marin in 2001. His search engine website fine-tuning skills made the "NLP practitioner directory" #1 in Google and Yahoo (12/21/03 search).

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NLP Lifepath Counseling - a philosophy, context and opportunity for meaningful personal change

Each person is
responsible for
his/her own life
and maturity...
a supportive,
environment can
help a person
develop this.

Humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers believed that people have an inherent tendency toward growth and maturation, but that each person was responsible for his/her own life and maturity. He believed that personal fulfillment of this tendency was not inevitable, but the self-understanding necessary to achieve it could be gained in a supportive psychological environment. John-Erik Omland offers this environment with a calm, caring, empathetic and perceptive presence and through insightful and effective use of powerful NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) communication and personal change tools.

NLP offers an elegant set of principles, physiology calibration and other tools with which to reach into and appreciate a person's "map of reality", and then fine-tune the visual, auditory and kinesthetic (and olfactory, gustatory) representations that make up a person's map (the beliefs and expectations about life, and the meaning one makes about one's memories).

The goal of a quality NLP session is to help a person construct a compelling vision of what they want in life, appreciate the gifts and resources available in the present situation and environment and to recruit and heal the "inner child". Along the journey, extreme attention is given to any objections a person's system might have become stumbling blocks thwarting change, had they not been given attention and expression.

This form of counseling favors individual initiative, creativity and self-fulfillment. We will discover the Noble human capacity to overcome hardship and despair - futility of one's personal actions - spiritual and philosophical aspects of human nature. Together we unravel and examine the structure of your unique "maps of reality" that define your humanness, by examining your relations with yourself, other people and your environment.

The change produced with NLP interventions is like a "software update" to the whole system. Parts of the psyche and personality that were previously occupied in an unworkable struggle to preserve some primitive, fundamental world view (often generated during the "magical thinking" years of 3-5) are now available for higher levels of creative functioning. You can literally change your life.


Types of NLP Services Provided:

Affordable therapeutic counseling - private individual and couples sessions and small group experiences:

  • Personal NLP-based counseling for relationship, conflict resolution, career, personal growth and lifepath issues
  • Also individual Chi Kung and Tai Chi instruction for relaxation, increased flexibility and health improvement
  • Therapeutic deep or subtle bodywork, with or without NLP techniques applied
  • Available for classes, group lectures, talks, demonstrations or ongoing group meetings

Personal and Corporate NLP consultation services for businesses:

  • Matching people for jobs, interviewing and hiring by discovering the ideal characteristics and "metaprograms" suitable for a particular job and the metaprograms and personality characteristics of job candidates
  • Modeling business success to teach to other staff, employees
  • Teaching effective communication and rapport skills to managers, sales people and staff
  • Inspiring group dynamics and team building

Other technical services. Using NLP perspectives, principles and in formation gathering techniques to:

  • Interview and clarify client needs, target audience, and project goals
  • Redesign websites
  • Fine tune web pages for search engine optimization
  • Inform and mold Internet marketing and search engine submission strategies