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Obligations of Love and Fear - Family Contracts - NLP integrated with the Phomenological work of Bert Hellinger

the "family soul"
sometimes recruits
younger members
of a family lineage
to represent a
former member
who was ostracized, was
killed or was a
perpetrator of
some sort... to
be re-included in
the family system

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Bert Hellinger's "family soul" Phenomenology

A powerful offshoot of NLP is its application along with the work of Bert Hellinger , introducing the concept of "family soul" and "family obligations of suffering" to give insights about problematic personal histories and possibilities for healing chronic patterns.

Briefly, Hellinger suggests that one's family of origin has a sort of genetic/DNA-based "soul" that transcends time and establishes an unusual "balance," over the generations. He theorizes that death, dislocation, ostracism or other misfortune or disturbance of previous generation family members, can influence, quite unconsciously, the lives and conduct of current and future family members. Healing and balance are restored in the family soul and resolution in the lives of current family members when certain things are said and spatial changes made in the "family constellation".

The drama and insights are played out in a group setting, where members of the group are chosen to represent family members, or life issues of the "client." The client physically moves each representative and places them, as if on a giant chess board, in some position and orientation relative to the others. The dynamic tensions and cool and hot spots that become apparent in the constellation, eerily reflect exactly what is going on in the life of the client. The therapist then makes subtle - or radical changes in the geometry of the constellation of people and amazing things happen for everybody in the room.

Types of NLP Services Provided:

Affordable personal change consultations - private individual and couples sessions and small group experiences:

  • Personal NLP-based counseling for relationship, conflict resolution, career, personal growth and lifepath issues
  • Also individual Chi Kung and Tai Chi instruction for relaxation, increased flexibility and health improvement
  • Therapeutic deep or subtle bodywork, with or without NLP techniques applied
  • Available for classes, group lectures, talks, demonstrations or ongoing group meetings

Personal and Corporate NLP consultation services for businesses:

  • Matching people for jobs, interviewing and hiring by discovering the ideal characteristics and "metaprograms" suitable for a particular job and the metaprograms and personality characteristics of job candidates
  • Modeling business success to teach to other staff, employees
  • Teaching effective communication and rapport skills to managers, sales people and staff
  • Inspiring group dynamics and team building

Other technical services. Using NLP perspectives, principles and in formation gathering techniques to:

  • Interview and clarify client needs, target audience, and project goals
  • Redesign websites
  • Fine tune web pages for search engine optimization
  • Inform and mold Internet marketing and search engine submission strategies