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What is "Neuro-Linguistic Programming" (NLP)?

NLP is like a
screwdriver with
which one can
reach into a
person's psyche
and adjust the
visual, auditory,
of a person's
map of reality.

NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is the art and science of excellence and the structure of human experience. NLP was originally developed by a linguistics professor and his inquisitive student at UC Santa Cruz, by studying how top people in different fields obtain their outstanding results.

NLP's insights come from observing excellent family therapists like Virginia Satir and Fritz Perls, and the hypnotherapeutic mastery of Milton Erikson, to modeling the business success of modern corporate doers and shakers. John Grinder and Richard Bandler's early NLP foundation work has been expanded and deepened by a myriad of important rings of people and applications. (Incomplete list: Jonathan Rice, Carl Buchheit, David Gordon, Steve Andreas, Charles Falkner, )

The communication skills developed by the many innovative NLP trainers and practitioners can be learned by anyone to improve their effectiveness both personally and professionally. NLP is directly applicable to a diverse spectrum of fields such as communications, business, sales, education and therapy

NLP offers an elegant set of principles, physiology calibration and other tools with which to connect with, reach into and appreciate a person's "map of reality", and then fine-tune the visual, auditory and kinesthetic (and olfactory, gustatory) representations that make up a person's map - the beliefs, expectations about life, and the meaning one makes about one's memories and life experience.

The goal of a quality NLP session is to help a person construct a compelling vision of what they want in life, appreciate the gifts and resources available in the present situation and environment and to recruit and heal the wounded "inner child" and revise the hidden contracts of Love and Fear conjured up and agreed to during the Magical Thinking years from about 3-5 years old.

Along the journey, an NLP practitioner pays extreme attention to any objections a client's system might have. These objections are powerful and important insights into the "ecology" of change. Without benefit of voicing their concerns, they may become stumbling blocks, thwarting change.

The change produced with NLP interventions is like a "software update" to the whole system. Parts of the psyche and personality that were previously occupied in an unworkable struggle to preserve some primitive, immature, fundamental world view are now available for higher levels of creative functioning. You can literally change your life.

NLP counseling favors individual initiative, creativity and self-fulfillment. Together we unravel and examine the structure of your unique "maps of reality" - your humanness - by examining your relations with yourself, other people and your environment.

Humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers believed that people have an inherent tendency toward growth and maturation, but that each person was responsible for his/her own life and maturity. He believed that personal fulfillment of this tendency was not inevitable, but the self-understanding necessary to achieve it could be gained in a supportive psychological environment. John-Erik Omland offers this environment with a calm, caring, empathetic and perceptive presence and through insightful and effective use of powerful NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) communication and personal change tools.

Types of NLP Services Provided:

Affordable personal change consultations - private individual and couples sessions and small group experiences:

  • Personal NLP-based counseling for relationship, conflict resolution, career, personal growth and lifepath issues
  • Also individual Chi Kung and Tai Chi instruction for relaxation, increased flexibility and health improvement
  • Therapeutic deep or subtle bodywork, with or without NLP techniques applied
  • Available for classes, group lectures, talks, demonstrations or ongoing group meetings

Personal and Corporate NLP consultation services for businesses:

  • Matching people for jobs, interviewing and hiring by discovering the ideal characteristics and "metaprograms" suitable for a particular job and the metaprograms and personality characteristics of job candidates
  • Modeling business success to teach to other staff, employees
  • Teaching effective communication and rapport skills to managers, sales people and staff
  • Inspiring group dynamics and team building

Other technical services. Using NLP perspectives, principles and in formation gathering techniques to:

  • Interview and clarify client needs, target audience, and project goals
  • Redesign websites
  • Fine tune web pages for search engine optimization
  • Inform and mold Internet marketing and search engine submission strategies