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Who is John-Erik Omland?

John-Erik offers
a warm, intuitive
presence, an
background and
25 years ex-
perience in the
healing arts

John-Erik Omland is a San Francisco Bay area NeuroLinguistic programming Master Practitioner, with offices in Marin (San Francisco North Bay, California). He brings to his NLP practice an Electrical Engineering and software background, 25 years of Tai Chi and therapeutic massage, and a Shamanic practice.

He offers NLP Lifepath Counseling, Tai Chi Movement Instruction, and deep or gentle Therapeutic Bodywork. He is especially fond of "spatial NLP", using the whole body and the space it moves through to explore a person's desired outcomes and what resistance, traumas or "inner contracts" and ancient loyalties produce a different-than-desired life experience. His training in Engineering, Tai chi and Shamanism add an interesting perspective to the work he does assists clients with spatial NLP timelines, whole body processes and work patterned from the "Family Constellation" work of Bert Hellinger.

John-Erik offers a warm, intuitive and empathetic presence, and an appreciation for the richness of belief systems and their influence on the structure of human experience.

Qualifications certifications and affiliations

John-Erik certified as an NLP Master Practitioner by NLP California (1996) and NLP Marin (2001), where he currently serves as a training assistant. He is a trained bodyworker, has experience in neo-Reichian expressive therapies and is a certified Wu style Tai Chi instructor with many years of teaching experience.

He has been heavily influenced by NLP Marin's training director, Carl Buchheit. Carl offers a unique NLP training that is a soulful and holographic blend of several influences, all expanding on and grounded in basic NLP fundamentals. Carl incorporates physiology, psychology, metaphysics, family systems dynamics and Newtonian and quantum world views with a humorous and heart felt teaching style that has expanded NLP into new and profound directions.

John-Erik is cofounder of the San Francisco North Bay NLP Intern Action Center, an organization of NeuroLinguistic Programming Master Practitioners dedicated to building an NLP community of quality NLP practitioners ready to be of service to various nonprofit, community and humanitarian causes and organizations. He also created and runs a NLP Practitioners Directory website, which currently has listings for NLP practitioners from the United States and several European countries. You can find a fun, interactive game on the site that allows you to test your NLP eye accessing cues skills.

He is also a trained bodyworker, has experience in neo-Reichian expressive therapies and is a certified Wu style Tai Chi instructor with many years of teaching experience.

Recent scholastic pursuits

John-Erik's recent human development studies include biological psychology, classical personality theories, modern brain neurology research, adolescent psychology and early childhood development.

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Disclaimer: John-Erik is a personal development consultant - not a California licensed mental health practitioner. He does not provide psychotherapy or any other form of mental health service which would require a California state license. His services include individualized teaching and coaching designed to help people learn how to commit to and achieve their performance goals, and remove any barriers they have to success. His approach is supportive and compassionate as well as results oriented.

Types of NLP Services Provided:

Affordable personal change consultations - private individual and couples sessions and small group experiences:

  • Personal NLP-based counseling for relationship, conflict resolution, career, personal growth and lifepath issues
  • Also individual Chi Kung and Tai Chi instruction for relaxation, increased flexibility and health improvement
  • Therapeutic deep or subtle bodywork, with or without NLP techniques applied
  • Available for classes, group lectures, talks, demonstrations or ongoing group meetings

Personal and Corporate NLP consultation services for businesses:

  • Matching people for jobs, interviewing and hiring by discovering the ideal characteristics and "metaprograms" suitable for a particular job and the metaprograms and personality characteristics of job candidates
  • Modeling business success to teach to other staff, employees
  • Teaching effective communication and rapport skills to managers, sales people and staff
  • Inspiring group dynamics and team building

Other technical services. Using NLP perspectives, principles and in formation gathering techniques to:

  • Interview and clarify client needs, target audience, and project goals
  • Redesign websites
  • Fine tune web pages for search engine optimization
  • Inform and mold Internet marketing and search engine submission strategies